Re: [NTLK] New user question about CF cards

From: Dana W Cook <>
Date: Sun Dec 17 2006 - 17:19:12 EST

>>> . . . but I'd like to ask those who have used it
>>> with large volumes: how drastic is the speed decrease with size, and
>>> what, in your opinion, is the maximum size that can be accessed at a
>>> usable speed?

>>> -Ian

I don't plan to get caught up in a discussion regarding the value of Paul's
efforts on ATA Support. But, and potential user has asked for feedback.

I purchased ATA Support from Paul in Sep/Oct of this year. My intention was
to set up a single card (1 GB IBM MicroDrive purchased for ~$340 around 2001
via the Hitachi PCMCIA adapter purchased a week earlier than the ATA Support
license) for both program repository and everyday use. The second PCMCIA
slot was to be used primarily for Wireless Ethernet (which, through many
posts here and many WONDERFUL responses, I was able to get up and running).
I was also planning on using a 20 MB Linear Card for Backup only.

Well, because of the size of the 1 GB IBM MicroDrive (I am still not sure -
anecdotal evidence based on various discussion on this site), performance
suffered on my MP2000 to such a state that my intended setup was unusable.

I have since been using the MP2000 as a PDA with occasional email (this is
occasional because I receive about 100 emails daily and to retrieve them on
the Newton after having been out all day seems to be untenable as well -
memory issues or so it seems)

I could not comment on speed degradation per memory as I do not have hoards
of cards (2 linear cards of 4 MB and 20 MB) and only the one MicroDrive.
Also, it should be known that the MicroDrive has sat mostly unused for a
number of years. Man, was it cool when I bought it - 1 GB on that tiny card
that was actually a miniature drive! Of course, I was in software sales
then and have since become a third year public school math teacher - ouch,
my income hurts!

I hope that my experience helps you in your decision. Sorry that I could not
be more insightful regarding the rate of degradation.


P.S. Sonny - I haven't forgotten the stylus - just received a request for
Jury duty and with short notice was asked to attend a workshop through the

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