Re: [NTLK] Interconnect / serial

From: Sonny Hung <>
Date: Tue Dec 19 2006 - 15:41:09 EST

On 12/19/06, Mr Jonathan Dueck <> wrote:
> I've just got a Newton 2100, and am really enjoying it
> (and it looks fabulous in its Newton Holster thanks
> Sonny! and holds a ton of files on its ATA card
> thanks, Paul!).

Hi Jon,

Good to hear that you like the Holster and many more years of use for you...

> However, reading the list's archive of horror stories
> about the Interconnect Port has me worried about using
> the (otherwise very nice) Newton Keyboard I've got
> with the machine.

My personal opinion is that it's not of too much concern if you are
considerate and careful when attaching and detaching the Dongle...

> 1) Does anyone have a recommendation for the best
> place to buy a serial board (Dongle Destroyer or
> SER-001)? It seems they used to be less expensive than
> the $50 for which they're listed on eBay these days...

Unfortunately the SER-001 are not available at this time.
David has ceased to produce them and already signed his goodbye note
to the Community as he's off with other ventures now... My continued
best to him...

Well I think they were $32.50 shipped when David sold them directly...

Well just checked Ferdi/KnowledgeNavigatior's new pricing plan for his
SER-001 replacement which is now at the starting price of $34.99 or
Buy It Now of $49.99 for one. And add $10 for shipping plus a $8
insurance charge. So his current pricing now ends up at $52.98 I think
and 67.98 respectively...

I think his original starting price was $29 and you and shipping in it
would top out at $35 plus $8 for insurance which ended up previously
at $43

My personal opinion is that IF you are a conscientious user you should
not break your NIC Connector though every one's mileage will vary...
it's the rough insertion and detachment that causes the issue - plus
hand in hand with the two locking dimples (which I think could be
filed down to alleviate additional stress. BUT keep in mind that it
could allow the Dongle to disconnect inadvertently...

> 2) In the meantime, should I stop using my keyboard,
> or would I be (relatively) safe to file down the pins
> on the Interconnect serial dongle and use it, for a
> few weeks?

I'd suggest just being careful not pulling in any angle other than
straight out and gently... you should be fine for years to come... and
a mainboard replacement part to fix one would cost around half the
price of the unit being sold by Ferdi/KnowledgeNavigatior currently...
so now you have the info and can make a decision for yourself... also
depends if you really want to pay the piper for his product...

God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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