Re: [NTLK] WiFi Problems

From: Ian Johnson <>
Date: Thu Dec 21 2006 - 23:45:01 EST

On Dec 21, 2006, at 2:13 PM, Sonny Hung wrote:

> Great, ... to my understanding and recollection I believe you need the
> following items installed only.
> NIE 2.0 last release if there were updates. No the modified files.
> WiFi Driver
> (DO NOT install Lantern or MoreWiFi as these cause conflicts with the
> WaveLAN Cards... if this were a COMPAQ WL110 (a rebadged WaveLAN Gold
> then MoreWiFi would needed) .... Lantern is needed for cards with a
> long file name IIRC...
> HTH and is correct - please correct me if I've added or left something
> out incorrectly..

I got it working - uninstalling MoreWiFi and resetting the Newton got
it to recognize the card. I'm still working on connecting it it to my
Netgear router with DHCP, but I have it working now through internet
sharing with my Power Mac. Thanks for the help!


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