[NTLK] Installing packages via WiFi?

From: John M. <john8520_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri Dec 22 2006 - 00:21:43 EST

        I read online (not sure of the exact site) that it is possible to
install packages onto a newton via ethernet, using AppleTalk. Would
it be possible to install packages onto a newton 2100 over WiFi? I
ordered my 2100 a few days ago, and then saw a Lucent Wavelan card on
ebay for cheap yesterday, so I nabbed it, figuring that if it doesn't
work on the newton I can use just it in my wallstreet (though I knew
it would probably work in the newton anyways). I did some more
reading around, and I found NewtSync and NewtonDILtester. I would be
synching the 2100 with an iMac G5 running 10.4.8, by the way.

        NewtSync says it can sync with the newton via TCP/IP, which I
presume includes wireless. Though I also found out that NewtSync
doesn't do packages, just address, iCal events, etc. Thats ok, it
would still come in handy. NewtonDILtester says it is OS 9 only, but
it seems to have no problems running in Classic Mode under OS X. That
said, I don't know if it would be able to connect through TCP/IP
properly. Looking at the preferences right now, some of the options
(Serial, AppleTalk, IrDA) are grayed out, but (thankfully?) TCP/IP

        Does this mean I'll be able to install packages and sync my
addresses and iCal events wirelessly from my G5 to the newton? I know
its a bit (ok, maybe alot) of a long shot, but if its true I'll be
the happiest newt user alive! Heck, I'm happy enough knowing that
I'll be able to do ICQ, IRC, WWW, and eMail from it! I can't test
anything yet, but my newton should be here on the 27th, and the
wavelan card on the 30th. I'm excited.



oh, PS, anyone know of an IRC client for newt other than ChatBuddy?

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