Re: [NTLK] [ANN] Newton Connection for Mac OS X

From: James Wages <>
Date: Mon Dec 25 2006 - 17:27:05 EST

On 12/26/06 6:33 AM, Thomas Dean <> wrote:
> Backup produces TEDean Card 2.nbku, TEDean Card.nbku
> and TEDean Newton device.nbku

Those 3 files are nowhere to be found on my computer after installation.
But like I said, the installer errors out and only the app itself is
installed. So I guess that the reason I cannot launch the app is because
those 3 accompanying files were not installed for some reason.

I am NOT using an Intel Mac, but rather a G4 Cube with 7447A Sonnet
accelerator card. This machine has experience zero software
incompatibilities in my 2 years of using it with the Sonnet, so I cannot see
why it would be incompatible with NCX.

Martin Joseph <> wrote:
> Go to Application/Utilities and start the console application. Now
> try installing NCX again and report what you see in console.

I launched Console and then ran the installer. Nothing appeared in Console,
despite the errors that appear in the NCX installer. Here is a screen shot
of what I see in the NCX installed, 80% of the way through the installation:

I suppose if some kind soul would email me all the pertinent files and their
locations, I could install them by hand and see if that works.


James Wages

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