[NTLK] serial port

From: Zwerling <mail_at_zwerling.ns.ca>
Date: Wed Dec 27 2006 - 17:56:06 EST

Hello All,
I have in the past used my cell phone and a modem card to connect my
mp130 world outside. I now have a new cell phone - a Samsung sph a
900 that only has a cable for usb. It also features the ability to
connect as a phone-as-modem to my cell phone provider's evdo and 1x

Is there a way to use this phone with the Newton?

Ideally, I would connect the phone's usb cable to a usb female to mac
female serial 8 pin cable and to the Newton. I would then select the
cell phone as my modem.

Is this a possibility?


Stephen Zwerling

Nova Scotia, Canada

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