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Date: Sun Dec 31 2006 - 17:28:44 EST

And I see your name all over the page. Thanks for taking so much time to
document all this. Too often people fail to appreciate how much time it
takes to write this kind of thing.

I read the how-to, and end up confused on one point. If I were to try this,
who am I calling for PPP service? From the how-to it appears to be
T-Mobile, which happens to be my cell provider.

Just for kicks I dialed *99# (see para. 7) and got "Not available"

Back when I had a Treo I paid $20 a month extra for web access. I recently
upgraded to a more conventional phone, because I decided that for me the
Newton is a useful PDA while the Treo was not, and I want to be able to
take notes during a call.

My new phone does have web access. I had not played with it much until
today. This thread has inspired me to get up-to-date on this subject.

Just for fun I went to my Yahoo Mail account and sent myself this message:

 From: Gary Dunn <>
 Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2006 14:05:47 -0800 (PST)
 Subject: msg from phone

Hello World

It must have taken ten minutes at least to type, due to the limitations of
a cell phone keypad, but it worked.

What I *think* I want to do is access my mail (my ISP) from my
Newton. I was going to get set up to use a modem and dial into
That requires a land line. Since I have a call phone that does blue tooth,
the latter seems more desireable, except at my office, where the thick
walls block cell phone signals. So I am really looking for the option of
land line dial-up and bluetooth.

The question I know enough to ask is: can I call my ISP for PPP access
instead of T-Mobile, by inserting my ISP's dial-up number into the ADTD
command? Would it be cheaper per minute to use T-Mobile network access? Ah,
but then don't I ned an access point, like at Starbuck's?

Finally, Happy New Year to you and everyone who have been so helpfull, to
me and to all the other Newtonians.

Gary Dunn

> Hello Gary,
> the Newton WikiPedia has many useful infos on the argument, as on the
> following link
> where is explained how to setup Newton-Webbrowsing via BT-enabled
> mobile:
> Regards,
> Adriano
> 28/dic/06 Gary wrote:
> > Please expand on this comment. I have never used bluetooth, but I
> > understand it provides a wireless protocol for connecting hardware,
> > and
> > that linking cell phones to PCs is one popular application. The part I
> > don't get is how a bluetooth link to a cell phone brings TCP/IP to a
> > Newton. File transfers I can understand, but not Internet service
> > such as
> > is provided by slip/ppp.

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