Re: [NTLK] Newton as a real phone

From: Sean C. <>
Date: Thu Dec 28 2006 - 18:21:09 EST

I can't speak with authority here, but I do think I see a flaw in your
Modems don't just convert digital sound into analog sound, they convert
*data* into analog sound (unless they're "winmodems", which are an
abomination unto computing). The distinction is fine, but will make or break
the newton-as-phone project. I only see two ways to do it:
1) Physically hack the newton and modem to allow a connection directly
between the mike and phone line. (possible, but infeasible)
2) Write a program to synthesize voice using the tones the modem normally
transmits (super infeasible)
 Ohh, a thought strikes: Make a really tiny phone and an integral splitter
in a PCMCIA Dummy card (or some other attractive package). The voice signal
wouldn't actually go through the newton, but I doubt you really care about
that, right? The phone wouldn't even have to dial, It'd just have to have a
switch to make/break the connection. Oohh, I like this idea, does anybody

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