[NTLK] Newton as a real phone

From: Douglas Starnes <doug-doug_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Dec 28 2006 - 15:47:29 EST

OK, The one thing I want to do with my Newton MP2100 more than anything else
is the one thing I have yet to see anyone do - use it as a phone. Even if I
am tethered to a land line, I want to be able to use the thing as a phone.
The fax machine capabilities have been great, but there are times when I
just need to make a call before I fax and I am all hooked up and ready to

My thinking is this: a simple modification to the application 'Calls' should
allow the "Newton" to dial a number (Under "Place Call: Using" - current
choices are Modem, Speaker, and Telephone) and then keep the line open (like
when sending a fax) until the user hits the 'Hang Up' button on the bottom
of the screen. Once the line is open, the only hard part should be sending
live audio. I mean how hard is that?; we can hear live audio from the
receiving end of the call when faxing.

Has anyone written an app to use their Newton as a phone that you can
actually hold to your head and talk into? Using it as a cell phone should
only be a matter of card drivers.

I know that the problem has to be a touch more complicated than I can see
otherwise someone would have done this by know, right?

The only thing stopping me from trying (however futile it may be) is my
utter lack of experience in programming for Newt. But there are those of us
out there how could. So my big, burning question to you programming guru's
out there is why has no one built/modified/altered an app to use the Newton
MP2x00 as a phone/cell phone?


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