Re: [NTLK] Newton as a real phone

From: Douglas Starnes <>
Date: Sat Dec 30 2006 - 08:18:40 EST

I had thought about this too. What I was thinking was to use the Newt's
speaker and mic to act as the phone and the audio connectors on the
interconnect port to attach to wires along the back which fed into a modem
card. This would allow the Newton to connect and disconnect the signal, but
the audio in/out would be shunted to the interconnect port. The target card
would be one of those cell phone modem cards with the micro jack on it for
an earpiece, but rather than an earpiece, an interconnect adapter.
I was trying to avoid this since it seemed a bit too complicated and
indirect. I mean if the Newt can be tricked into making a modem connection
that does not look for a fax signal or to run some ISP logon script, then
you are half way there. You *could* use something like voice notes modified
to run sound in and out to the card, but that external connection just bugs
me and why modify code for a rube Goldberg patch in when it *could* be
modified to give an integrated solution?

Maybe it is a baby-steps solution needed here.

Let's re-ask the question this way: How can I make my Newton dial a number
(using Calls) and just make a dumb connection until I manually disconnect?

The second question to that is can modify Calls to take sound in from the
interconnect port and play it through the speaker and at the same time take
sound in through the mic and pass it out through the interconnect port?
This would only then require a cell phone card with the aforementioned plug
for an earpiece and an interconnect adapter and a male/male plug to bridge
the adapter to the card.

The only custom piece here would be the interconnect adapter unless Adrianno
has a solution in place already [cocks head to side and thinks about
Adrianno's Bluetooth stuff...]


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