Re: [NTLK] Which driver for a3Com Megahertz 3CXE589DT

From: Steve Hammond <>
Date: Sat Dec 30 2006 - 14:16:30 EST


> At this point I would suspect that either the slot or the card are

About the slot, this is the same one I use for my Pico BT card and
wireless card, so I think it should be working...

> Some folks have reported the internal connections to the xjack can
> fail.

OK. I hope this is not the case, because that is the only card I have
with an x-jack. My 2 other ethernet card are with dongle...

> Personally before I gave up I would do a hard reset and re-install
> everything, in the order that Frank has them listed. Use new
> downloads of each package.

That would imply using a serial cable, which I do not have with me
right now. But I may arrived there very soon. Once I get back home
I'll get my serial cable and keyspan adaptor to get this done. In the
mean time I'll try doing a backup, a hard reset and a restore of the
actual packages I have. If that does not help, I'll try another
ethernet card and do the same tests again.

> good luck and Happy New Year

Same to you and all the team!

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