Re: [NTLK] Which driver for a3Com Megahertz 3CXE589DT

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Sat Dec 30 2006 - 13:34:46 EST

At this point I would suspect that either the slot or the card are
not functioning. I have noticed from an earlier post re: NCX that
you are able to connect and identify your computer on the network so
that would seem to confirm the slot and whatever other card that you
use are working.
Some folks have reported the internal connections to the xjack can fail.

Personally before I gave up I would do a hard reset and re-install
everything, in the order that Frank has them listed. Use new
downloads of each package.

good luck and Happy New Year

On Dec 30, 2006, at 8:37 AM, Steve Hammond wrote:

>> Make sure you have a look here:
> Thanks Frank,
> I was not aware you have such information on your page. I referred to
> it in the past mostly for hardware repair and maintenance.
> So, following your page's instructions, I moved (from my memory card)
> all the ethernet packages into internal memory. I reseted the Newton
> so it can reboot from the packages new locations. I have the same
> issues as related before. The card does not work properly.
> I freezes the wireless packages, so I have less choices from the card
> menu. Then I put the Ethernet card in, and (it was not the first time
> it happen) I got a message saying that the Newton cannot write to
> this memory card. This message has appeared before, but not very
> often.
> Could this help find the source of the problem?
> Maybe one of the packages is corrupted, but...

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