Re: [NTLK] Which driver for a3Com Megahertz 3CXE589DT

From: Frank Gruendel <>
Date: Sat Dec 30 2006 - 18:11:20 EST


> I was not aware you have such information on your page.

You can't possibly have been. Since this page is still pretty much in
draft stage, I haven't linked to it from anywhere on my site yet.
If someone out there feels the urge to answer the text passages I've
marked in red, maybe I can finally declare this page ready :-)

> So, following your page's instructions, I moved (from my memory card)
> all the ethernet packages into internal memory.

This is somewhat strange, since some of the packages you need can't
normally be installed on a card in the first place.

> The card does not work properly.

Well, there's always the possibility that there's something wrong with
the card. But I doubt it. During the last couple of years I've sold
or given away at least 15 of these beasts without a single complaint.

> I freezes the wireless packages, so I have less choices from the card
> menu.

If you have MoreWifi installed, remove it, at least temporarily, and
reset again. I'm not sure if it has any impact on Ethernet cards, but it
successfully prevents usage of e. g. the Lucent WLan cards.

> Then I put the Ethernet card in, and (it was not the first time
> it happen) I got a message saying that the Newton cannot write to
> this memory card.

Pretty weird. Have you tried using this card in the other card slot?

> Could this help find the source of the problem?

I doubt it. If I were you, I'd proceed as follows:

1) Make a full backup to either a memory card or a desktop computer.

2) Do the same again to a different card or a different folder in your
   desktop computer (you can skip this if you aren't as paranoid as I

3) Being aware that after that your Newton will be reset to factory
   (except for system updates, which won't disappear that way),
brainwipe your
   Newton. How to do this is described in detail on my MP2k disassembly

4) Make sure both card slots are empty.

5) Install the drivers that I mention on my ethernet connectivity page.
For a
   MegaHertz 3CXE589ET all you need is Enetsup.pkg, Inetenbl.pkg, the
   Newtdev.pkg, Inetstup.pkg, FarallonEthernet.pkg, 3comaddon.pkg and
   Check that they were installed and reside where I describe it on the

6) Do not install anything else, regardless of how unrelated you think
it is to
   your problem.

7) Follow the instructions outlined on my page as for Internet Setup,
AppleTalk etc.

8) Make sure your Newton is powered by the AC adapter or fresh
alkalines. The
   battery indicator should read 100%.

9) Plug in your card. The Newton should now report that a communications
card has
   been inserted. If it doesn't, there is either a problem with your
Newton or with
   your card. Make sure you try the card in both card slots.

10) Come to think of it, I've never tried using such a card under any
    OS other than the latest. Make sure you have 710031 installed.
You'll find
    it at the usual places, like e. g.

If you want, I can lend you a new 3CXE589ET card to check whether your
Newton or your
card is the problem. You pay shipping both ways.

Good luck, and a happy new year


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