Re: [NTLK] Which driver for a3Com Megahertz 3CXE589DT

From: Steve Hammond <>
Date: Sat Dec 30 2006 - 19:04:37 EST

> You can't possibly have been. Since this page is still pretty much in

Ah :)

> This is somewhat strange, since some of the packages you need can't
> normally be installed on a card in the first place.

What I meant was the Ethernet packages only (Faralon, 3Com,
3ComAddOn). The other modules (NIE base packages) were installed from
a backup to Internal memory. Sorry for the bad explanation!

> Well, there's always the possibility that there's something wrong with
> the card. But I doubt it. During the last couple of years I've sold
> or given away at least 15 of these beasts without a single complaint.

I hope it is not the case. I'll try it on an eMate I have too (not
here) to be sure. I this card proves wrong, I'll just buy another one
I suppose...

> If you have MoreWifi installed, remove it, at least temporarily, and

No, I don't. Only the base Wifi model, as I have a Lucent WaveLan
Silver with WEP.

> Pretty weird. Have you tried using this card in the other card slot?

I just tried it, same problem. But I'm not sure of my packages
installation. I

> I doubt it. If I were you, I'd proceed as follows:

I'll try your methods as soon as I get nearby by serial cable and

  I've tried (this afternoon) a clean sweep that way: I did
transfered the packages (with BT) on my card, frizzed all packages,
except IC/VC, then clean the Internal memory, Inserted my card to
have the inbox content and installed (internally) all packages in
good order. Did not really helped, but I think I may have made
something wrong, since one module was (Internet Setup) stated that it
was already installed... Don't know how that could be possible...
anyway. I'm trying things not the ideal way, not having my cables

> 9) Plug in your card. The Newton should now report that a
> communications
> card has
> been inserted. If it doesn't, there is either a problem with your

When I insert my BT card, or my Lucent card, I have a message stating
that a card has been inserted. But I never saw such message (that I
can remember) with any of my Ethernet card.

> OS other than the latest. Make sure you have 710031 installed.

Looked at it, check OK.

> If you want, I can lend you a new 3CXE589ET card to check whether your
> Newton or your
> card is the problem. You pay shipping both ways.

I'll remember that!

Thanks for your help.

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