[NTLK] Weird Classic issue

From: Jim Felder <felder_at_knology.net>
Date: Wed Jul 19 2006 - 17:31:46 EDT

A few days ago I announced success in running NCU on my Powerbook and
connecting my Newton. While that's all still happening, there is a
gnawing weirdness that I'd like to explain--and change.

I acquired Classic by grabbing a system folder off my daughter's
iBook on Sunday. I plugged up my 250G HD to the iBook and slid the
system folder onto the FW drive, then connected and slid it off onto
my PB's local drive.

The Classic I've been running is the one on the FW HD, because it's
the only one that Panther will recognize. Panther will absolutely not
recognize system 9 on my local drive. Since sunday, I've located a
number of 9.1 and 9.2.2 copies I had stored away and have loaded them
with no success at all.

Remember, originally I was using an IDENTICAL system folder on both
hard drives, but Panther only recognized the one on my external drive.

Why would this be? What could be done? I don't want to have to carry
an external firewire drive with me just to use NCU.



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