[NTLK] Asking again... 16022 Error

From: Jim Felder <felder_at_knology.net>
Date: Wed Jul 26 2006 - 17:48:31 EDT

I'm going to ask this question again in hopes that it was overlooked
previously. It's extremely important to me because for the last week,
my PB has been in the shop in hopes that my recent data can be
retrieved. I'm been writing my projects on the MP2100, which up until
a day or so ago was connecting just fine via modem.

Now it won't even do that, so I can't deliver the work I've done.

Forget the TCP/IP connection. Forget the WaveLan connection. Can
somebody just tell me how to get a PPP driver loaded and back on the
phone line again? If I have to take everything out and load just the
essentials for dialup, let me know or point me to the right place and
I'll do it.

I just reverted back to my previously-working setup, and I still
can't connect. I get a 16022 error (resource missing) and it shows up
as soon as the "loading PPP driver" message hits the screen.



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