Re: [NTLK] Fighting Complacency within the Newton Community

From: Gleb Dolgich <>
Date: Sun Jul 30 2006 - 20:08:40 EDT

Let me get this straight. So you want to take this very friendly and
relaxed mailing list and convert it to some kind of policed and
restricted forum where participants can be kicked out at will for
lurking and not posting useless crap by some kind of list police? Are
you by any chance offering to define "the new order" and rules and
maybe even be the list policeman?

Don't you think implementing your suggestion may very well contribute
to the death of the Newton community?

I would suggest you to lurk some more and see what this list is and
how the members help each other without requiring anything back, which
_is_ the Newton spirit. I only speak for myself (unlike you), but
please spare me (and hopefully others on this list) your revolutionary
ideas, and find something/somewhere else to fight.


Gleb Dolgich
A NewtonTalk lurker
On 30/07/06, <> wrote:
> I propose that the Newton Community adopt a similar requirement. Users would
> be required to offer up information publicly, based upon their own Newton
> experimentation and usage. If a member sought answers on at some
> point in time, they should also have responded in some helpful, meaningful way
> to some other member's posted question at some point as well.
> The bottom line would be this: you should NOT be permitted to just lurk in
> the background without ever offering anything constructive or productive to the
> Community. This is just leeching, and it does not strengthen our Community.
> Nor should users of be allowed to consistently ask advice and
> questions without at some point responding in kind to offer their helpful advice
> and observations to another member of the Community.
> Matt K.
> Detroit, Michigan, USA
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