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From: simon <simski_at_dds.nl>
Date: Fri Jun 02 2006 - 04:28:55 EDT

On 2-jun-06, at 4:00, L.W. Brown wrote:

> OK, my wife, fluent in idiomatic French, tells me it means (and very
> close to the Google):
> Minister/ambassador "super"-extraordinary ("plenip." by itself = able
> to sign treaties without supervision) available (as in "for hire").
> Mobile (as in "will travel" - remember the old TV show Palladin "Have
> Gun - Will Travel"?). Without fixed bath (as in "bathroom" - a pun on
> "without fixed address").
> So, I am reminded of a plumber who has no office - a very obscure
> reference to the "terrorist" plumber in "Brazil"?
Archibald Tuttle was his name, but friends may call him harry...

and never leave your house without an 27b/6!

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met vriendelijke groet

Simon Claessen

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