Re: [NTLK] iCal and AddressBook OSX to NOS

From: Patrick Wong <>
Date: Sun Jun 04 2006 - 23:36:37 EDT

Hi there,

Does NewtSync (v0.3.3) work on Airport? I'm trying to connect MP2k
to OSX thru Airport's ethernet port with no luck. The connection
always closed by
the desktop. Is there any special setting? Besides, I could connect
to the
internet just by MP2K's network card thru' Airport base station's
ethernet port.

I tapped the Nsync icon in Newton and it found the name of OSX but
never got sync.

Many thanks!


On 2006年6月5日, at 上午11:12, Robert Gottlieb wrote:

> I used NewtSync on both sides for syncing iCal, Addresses, Notes, and
> ToDos. Also, there is a few modules that are extra, one that allows
> the Outline from the Newton to be saved as an OmniOutliner outline on
> the Mac side. The reverse direction does not exist, however. But
> I'm incredibly happy with everything it does.
> Also, you'll want to get New Ten as it allows you to install packages
> from Mac OS X.
> I am using the Keyspan serial to USB adaptor, connecting with a
> serial cable and then into the dongle for the serial connection on my
> M21k.
> Newt Sync:
> Newt Ten:
> Hope this helps.
> Robert

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