Re: [NTLK] PCMCIA adaptor for SD Memory

From: Andrei Chichak <>
Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 01:20:25 EDT

> 1. Will the following adaptor work with my 21k: http://
> Adapter.html ?

I wonder... The last line of the device description says "PC Card bus
powered; no external power cords required." Newts won't do Card bus.
But if you go to the Transcend website it looks
like the card is just PCMCIA/PC card, not CardBus.

> 2. How do I erase the old SD Memory card so it will write Newton
> info onto it?

SD cards use a hardware communications method called SPI. The device
you have found takes the SPI and makes it look like an ATA flash
card, so you would use the Newton ATA flash drivers to erase the card.

For 20 bucks it's worth a try.


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