Re: [NTLK] DB9-to-MiniDIN Serial Cable

From: Andrei Chichak <>
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 - 01:04:21 EDT

>To adapt the one to the other, is it merely a matter of
>replacing the end of a miniDIN cable with a DB9 connector? And if so,
>would anyone happen to have a link to the pinout to use handy?

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away there was a cable
that came with the MP2000s that plugged into a PC. It has a DB9S
(sockets) on one end and a mini DIN9 on the other, and it's black.

If you can't find one of these, an old Mac modem cable has the right
pinout, if you get the DB25 version you can put on a DB25-DB9
converter. I believe that this was also the Stylewriter cable too.

This is the setup that I used back when I programmed MP110s. You can
probably get one at a Mac surplus dealer for a couple of bucks.

To build one yourself, just look up Mac modem or Stylewriter cables.


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