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From: L.W. Brown <>
Date: Sun Jun 11 2006 - 11:42:10 EDT

And Google it - there are wonderful links, including to a good
WikiPedia article...

The Southern American analog (not really an equivalent) is grits &
cheese: as in "hominy grits" (a special breed of large-kernel corn
blanched white, ground into meal and boiled), with massive amounts of
crumbled yellow cheese - the tastiest being Longhorn style cheddar),
and maybe a bit of butter, plus black pepper. A somewhat cheaper (and
therefore far more traditional) type of cheese used is the soft
yellow stuff from a spray can or bottle called "Cheese Whiz" - even
more grease & salt.

Fat & starch - 2 of the 4 basic food groups - the other 2 being sugar
and alcohol. Or is it salt & caffeine? Experts argue over which is
food and which is vitamin/mineral...

On 11. Jun, 2006, at 10:17, Jon Glass wrote:

> On 6/11/06, Christian Joli <> wrote:
>> What in the world is "poutine" ?
> Believe it or not, you can find the answer to this question in the
> Official Newton FAQ, which should be linked below in the list sig. :-)

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