Re: [NTLK] Newton Museum Torrents

From: John Coady <>
Date: Fri Jun 30 2006 - 14:54:52 EDT

The connection to my TiBook is DSL so I was a bit surprised at how
slow my download was (although traffic was heavy - there were all of
26 users on line at one point!!!!). Tomato was chugging along nicely
in the background so it was no big deal.

The reason I had to get back on line was my own fault. I
accidentally shut Tomato down otherwise it would have just kept on

All in all a very interesting exercise. Now to explore the archive.
Thanks again Adriano.


>I just this morning set up Transmission on my G4 Cube, and the download
>took just about 4 hours for me. During almost all of that time, I was
>also sending. When the download finished, it kept right on chugging
>along uploading. I'll also leave mine on for a few days.
> - Don

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