Re: [NTLK] Connecting eMate to Windows

From: Aaron <>
Date: Thu Nov 02 2006 - 00:41:52 EST

I do have 2GB of RAM. The CPU usage seems to be between 7% and 22%. The mem
usage that the 6 slowdowns are using are as followed (each has the speed
slider all the way to the right (slow) and the reaction slider all the way
to the left(fast)): 2,220K, 716k, 688k. 768k, 708k, 680k. Now if I move the
Reaction part towards the right, the CPU usages increases significantly. I,
however, did NOT have to do this.

Ho w much CPU Usage are you using with 6 slowdown.exe'c running?
> This would greatly help others in understanding how to configure
> compared with the setup you have which has a heck of a lot of memory
> that you stated at 2GB right?
> Please check this out as this would be a good way to try to gauge your
> setup and compare it to mine to see if anything between the two can be
> quantifiable so we can set a gauge to help others setup their PC's

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