[NTLK] Memory card and Courier

From: Aaron <a.cronk_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Nov 02 2006 - 00:32:57 EST

Problem 1:
I've got an eMate and 2 pcmcia flash cards. One is the newton 4mb card which
I can read and write on with my emate. The second one is an M-systems 24mb
that I bought off of ebay. The emate says that it can only read from the
card, which is ok since I bought it for $9.99 shipped. The only problem is
its useless unless I can put packages on it or something. I've got a laptop
dual booting with windows and linux (ubuntu) so I can insert the card into
that. When I do put either of the cards in, they come up as "PCMCIA
UKNOWN_MANUFACTURER." in the windows device manager. Is there anyway I can
access/write on the cards through windows or linux? If so how?

Problem 2:

I've got wifi hooked up on the emate (it reminds me of the good ol' dial up
days). I recently did a hard reset and then only installed a few packages on
the emate including Courier. After using Courier for a while, I turned the
emate off. After a while I brought it back up to go online. When I tried to
load up Courier it gave me the message that it was low on memory and a reset
should help. I tried the reset several times and each time it gives me the
same error. I know it has plenty of memory because I do have the 4mb memory
upgrade and I barely have anything installed on the unit itself. Any ideas
on what to do? Or should I forget Courier and find something else (If so
then what)?

Thanks again,
Aaron Cronk (A.C.)

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