Re: [NTLK] Memory card and Courier

From: Ed Kummel <>
Date: Thu Nov 02 2006 - 02:00:55 EST

Problem 1:
No. There is no way you can use the card in any other system other than the Newton and have it recognized by the Newton. That's just the way the Newton is.
The emate requires a special flashcard (I don't have an emate, but it's got something to do with the voltage of the flashcard)
Problem 2:
The Out of memory issue you are having is something called heap. You may have loads of storage, but running out of th memory location where things run. Think of it like a desk with file drawers...The Newton likes to have all the papers on the desk at all times so that they can be used. This is unlike a desktop machine, where papers are stored in the file drawers until needed. This is what makes the Newton responsive...
You need to *freeze* some of the packages you have on your emate. This is something that the Newton OS has built in, but you need to install an application that will activate this functionality. The good part is that once the freeze functionality is activated, you can delete the application that turned it on in the first will not be needed any longer.
You can download any number of freeze utilities from unna...
web/gadget guru (download Newton packages)

Aaron <> wrote: Problem 1:
I've got an eMate and 2 pcmcia flash cards. One is the newton 4mb card which
I can read and write on with my emate. The second one is an M-systems 24mb
that I bought off of ebay. The emate says that it can only read from the
card, which is ok since I bought it for $9.99 shipped. The only problem is
its useless unless I can put packages on it or something. I've got a laptop
dual booting with windows and linux (ubuntu) so I can insert the card into
that. When I do put either of the cards in, they come up as "PCMCIA
UKNOWN_MANUFACTURER." in the windows device manager. Is there anyway I can
access/write on the cards through windows or linux? If so how?

Problem 2:

I've got wifi hooked up on the emate (it reminds me of the good ol' dial up
days). I recently did a hard reset and then only installed a few packages on
the emate including Courier. After using Courier for a while, I turned the
emate off. After a while I brought it back up to go online. When I tried to
load up Courier it gave me the message that it was low on memory and a reset
should help. I tried the reset several times and each time it gives me the
same error. I know it has plenty of memory because I do have the 4mb memory
upgrade and I barely have anything installed on the unit itself. Any ideas
on what to do? Or should I forget Courier and find something else (If so
then what)?

Thanks again,
Aaron Cronk (A.C.)

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