Re: [NTLK] OT?> LED source

From: Adam Goddard <>
Date: Sat Nov 04 2006 - 01:40:59 EST

On 04/11/2006, at 11:57 AM, L.W. Brown wrote:
> I have no experience with these guys, but it sounds intriguing:
> "Free LED Samples by MCI, Order Yours Now
> "MCI now offers an exceptionally extensive line of LED lamps, surface
> mount LEDs, LED displays, LED light bars, IR LEDs, ultra brights and
> much more. Order your samples today and don't delay...
> ""

The actual leds are from SunLED who are a
reasonably big optoelectronic company. All electronic component
manufacturers offer free samples (maybe only with the cost of shipping,
but most are free) if you are an actual business. Kinda rocks. I stock
up on new ICs and parts from Maxim, Analog Devices, Texas Instruments
and a few others and use them in designs.

   - Adam Goddard

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