Re: [NTLK] Intermittent WaveLan problem -- please help!

From: Adriano <>
Date: Sun Nov 05 2006 - 12:15:49 EST

Almost every TCP/IP server will reset itself after a certain amount
of time,
this is a reason to set your internet preferences using a fixed IP

You could have been luck the very first time while being set on a
DHCP configuration
on both Newton and desktop computer, but then when the server
restarted, the Newton stalled.

In order to get connected again, i would delete actual internet setup
on Newton,
and completely rebuild it putting a static IP address. Just in
example, you could use these addresses:

  - on desktop computer:
  - on Newton computer:
  - gateway:

Apart from that, we don't have docs giving details about server
gestures (IIRC).
Then consider that Paul Guyot faced himself this same problem on Mac
where the AppleTalk server was causing problems on compiling Escale.

Then regarding the Newton stalling as mentioned above, it wouldn't
happen if the
'Newton Internet Enabler' would respond as it should. People at
Newton, Inc
published the NIE while it was far from being a really stable and
affordable environment,
infact it was just incomplete.


05/nov/06 dieter wrote:

> Good idea -- the problem I face there is that I'm using a cable
> modem, and
> I'm not given any DNS server information (that box is blank when I
> go to
> System Settings->Network->Built-in Ethernet->TCP/IP); is there any
> way I can
> get around this?
> -d.
> On 11/5/06, Brian <> wrote:
>> I find that if I can't connect via DHCP, using a Manual setup instead
>> will frequently work.
>> Brian

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