Re: [NTLK] New NIE development on its way?

From: Adriano <>
Date: Sun Nov 05 2006 - 13:16:12 EST

Although there is still no active development, we already have some
donators and some news.

As i have absolutely no intentions to abandon the 'Upgrade NIE
project', my website is being subject to a complete renewal.
I am building a new section, called the 'Newton Journal', intended as
a blog which will contain useful reports for software developers.

I have almost finished a dedicated hardware solution too. Some
prototypes will ship to friends for testing purposes in a few days.

Aaron you are correct, the inititiave to upgrade NIE would be a huge
amount of work, but i think it's not a problem,
cause almost any professional Newton developer i contacted regarding
the 'U.NIE initiative' told to be interested,
and simply couldn't dedicate time on such project for now, at least
not being alone.

Then i think that Einstein is taking much more time than an upgrade
of NIE would need.
The results obtained by Paul while developing on Einstein would
really be of help on a new NIE,
but after the fault of the DCL project i doubt he would share any
info, and i would comprehend it at all.

Apart from that, and when talking about a reward, i really do not agree.
My point of view is that while during '90s people became rich
developing a screensaver,
today everything is completely different.

I am really going to make philosophy, but i think that money comes if
one work.
It's not safe to not doing a job just cause of the feeling we
wouldn't make real money from it.
This logic surrounds the Newton platform since it was killed, and
although so,
good applications developed 10 years ago continue to be sold, and new
continue to be developed together with some exciting hardware solutions.

I also would want to take use of this message to leave some links
useful to developers
who are intentioned to face the Newton OS, as discussed on the 'Rent
a Coder' thread,
here on NTLK.

Newton users can count on a unique development environment which have
be installed on the Newton itself.
Built to work on Newtonscript, it's called NewtDevEnv and is
available here

Then there's a genious who built a Newtonscript interpreter (NEWT/0)
plus some more utilities.
The following links are translated from japanese. Please take care,
cause you are touching by hands
the future of your favourite platform:

Then if you owned a Commoder64 and loved Basic 1.0 (as happened to me)
you will also love the much more powerful NS Basic for Newton

Thanks for reading the entire message ^_^


05/nov/06 Aaron Eiche wrote:

> There was a long, conversation about this not too long ago that I
> stumbled across in the archives
> or
> It has been discussed at great lengths. I imagine if someone wanted
> to actually do it, they could, but it would be a tremendous amount of
> work with very little reward (other than personal satisfaction, maybe)
> On Nov 5, 2006, at 7:36 AM, Steve Hammond wrote:
>> OK. That should be a startup before assembling money, I think!
>> A project should start from the idea, then the building blocks of
>> what needs to be done, then at least a start of the project itself.

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