Re: [NTLK] Looking to buy internal connector IL- WX-32PB-VF-BE

From: Gisela Isten <>
Date: Mon Nov 06 2006 - 05:29:17 EST

Hi Matthias,

Could you please help me out a bit on that? Mind you, I'm the typical
non-techie, just a plain user, so please bear with me.

>It is a JAE IL- WX-32PB-VF-BE which is still being manufactured.

What is this? Are you talking about that kind of strip with pins that
the expansion card connects to inside the Newton (which is barely
discernible when peeping into the slot)?

If it's that... yes, I'd be willing to join in, because a few of
those pins seem to be bent in my 2100, and I'd be glad to have them
replaced (both).



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