Re: [NTLK] Looking to buy internal connector IL- WX-32PB-VF-BE

From: matthiasm <>
Date: Mon Nov 06 2006 - 08:29:09 EST

On Nov 6, 2006, at 11:29 AM, Gisela Isten wrote:

>> It is a JAE IL- WX-32PB-VF-BE which is still being manufactured.
> What is this? Are you talking about that kind of strip with pins that
> the expansion card connects to inside the Newton (which is barely
> discernible when peeping into the slot)?

Hi Gisela,

The Newton has two expansion slots, in Apple Lingo, I believe the
external one is called "Interconnect Port". That is the one that you
would use to connect to the serial port of your PC/Mac. It's about
3.5cm (1 1/4") wide and under the rear lid of the MP2100. These
connectors are rare and expensive. Also, the Newton side of the
connector tends to break. Is that the one you are describing?

I cannot get any reasonable number of those for the described reason.

The one's that I'll be ordering are only accessible if you unscrew
the bottom of your Newton, and I will only order the mating plug in
order to build an expansion card or two. Very geeky techie stuff, but
if some of the projects work, you will get a much tougher USB port by
plugging in Adam Goddard's USB adapter which would replace 90% of the
uses of the Interconnect Port described above (and you wouldn;t have
to care about your bent pins anymore).


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