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Date: Thu Nov 30 2006 - 22:37:21 EST

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> Subject: Re: [NTLK] hopefully not too [OT] for some...
> Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2006 15:58:32 HST
>> My suggestion - no problem with asking for encouragement & good
>> wishes, and I certainly enjoy the opportunity to give any that is
>> asked of me, but it would be less OT (and potentially off-putting to
>> some list members) if the responses were given privately, off-list
>> (it's very do-able, and hardly any extra work)...
> I agree in principle. However, groups like this often gather for
> one reason
> only to benefit from all sorts of unrelated discussion. This group
> is in
> the short time I've been hanging around especially pleasent and
> compassionate; I can't imagine a better group in which to discuss just
> about anything. Heated disputes and flames should definitly go off-
> list.
> For tomorrow, be prepared to discuss the age old conflict between
> Christianity and Islam, at least as far back as 1095, when Pope
> Urban II in
> effect created the first crusade that culminated in the massacre of
> Jerusalem, up to America's role today in the Middle East.
> Heh. Just kidding.
> Gary

The conflict begins way, way back... As far as the VIII Century, with
the invasion of the Visigoth reign at the Iberian Peninsula by the
Saracens, the batlle of Poitiers where Carlos Martel stalled the
invasion, the conquering by the Saracens of the North Africa, Egipt,
and the midlle Eastern from the Byzantine Empire...

Daniel Lemos

ダニエル アントニオ フェッレイラ レモス

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