Re: [NTLK] hopefully not too [OT] for some...

From: Sonny Hung <>
Date: Thu Nov 30 2006 - 22:55:43 EST

I am very VERY grateful to everyone for your encouragements. ( on and
off list - I understand the touchy topic this thread treads on and am
thankful for everyone who has contributed and have tried to express
themselves in an orderly manner.

Though as some have expressed opposing views - I understand a little
more about you and where you stand regarding religion and God. My wish
is that you believers in God and those who believe else wise (in or
not in God) try to have an open mind to the expressions of each

Unfortunate for me most of you are probably far OR way to far away for
me to invite over or go out and have a Mochachino (one of the rare
coffee derivatives I do splurge on occasionally and enjoy).

Let's allow the topic to be discussed now and on future occasions when
it does arise in a friendly and adult manner while also still enjoying
the diverse mosh posh of characters that are assembled here with wide
ranging opinions and view points. ( which I personally don't always
agree with but accept as fellow New Users who have welcomed me into
their community to be one of them...

If you are willing to discuss this off list as suggest by another
member please contact me off list... I'll try to respond after I
return back from my camping trip on Monday... and by all means you can
send your encouragement off list also though I don't personally see
the harm since it is marked [OT] and only on a rare occasion brought
up and then further elaborate by others here...

PS: The Informal Interview actually went very well. I'm informed by
the Director (Greg) whom I interviewed with that he wants to try
setting up an interview with Jeff (?) the Lead IT in charge of the
network possibly next week...

The actual job description is really unusual and in a strange way
tailor fit to my qualifications... It's no co-inky-dink as my
brother-in-law would coin it - and I'll continue to wait for all to be
revealed to me and do my best...

God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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