Re: [NTLK] Another article critical of the Newton

From: Steve Hammond <>
Date: Fri Apr 06 2007 - 19:16:55 EDT

I personally bought OS/2, as a pretext to use a PC with capability
like a Mac, and was disappointed all the way. The interface was
unintuitive, and some think that looked simple, were much more
complex to do than on a Mac. Finally I sticked on Windows before
going back to the Mac with OS X.
As for the Newton or the Lisa, I do not know why they did not choose
the Pippin as a replacement for both. The Lisa, in a way, became the
Mac, and the Newton technology was incorporated partially in OS X
(InkWell) and in the iPod (the small technology introduce in the
Newton sure serve the iPod somehow at Apple).

Anyway, at least, MS and IBM got their bad products too in the list.
But then again, they should have included Windows Me (NeXT was a
success compared to that) and the PS/2 line of computer with their
Micro Channel extension card that never get to be exploited by anyone.

On 07-04-06, at 18:42, jg wrote:

> I was very happy with OS2, before I got my first Duo 210 than 270. I
> think Duo is/was a problem. 270. Idea was great. I have it, still,
> and when I am awake in the middle of the night I dream to use it with
> my Newton, now, in 21 century. Sorry to say, I did not find an easy
> way. Any ideas how to use Duo with Newton and OSX.
> John

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