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From: jg <>
Date: Sat Apr 07 2007 - 17:59:25 EDT

Very true, Dan.

Duo is a huge mistake, because of the weaknesses it has. On other
hand, it was very good super portable sub-computer. I remember when
everyone made a big eyes when I took out of my small! suitcase a Duo
plus printer and modem and a scanner. Total weight 4,5kg. I could
correct a contract on the spot, print out the invoice, scan a
document!!! Today it is not possible. There is no ultra portable
scanner or printer for mac. Mac itself is not lighter either.

1980-90s was the peak of technology, in a way.

Don't mention Newton. I recall, when I visited my friend in Chicago,
I had Newton as communication center. Using Newton and fax modem I
could communicate with my companies in Europe and take decisions.
This friend had a huge PC, metal box 0.5x0.5x0,2 meters. Total weight


PS. Now about other divece. In 1995 I had a portable fax-PDA with
keyboard and a screen, exactly like Nokia Communicator. On the other
side of this divice was a loudspeaker and microphone. Actually it was
accustic modem. One could write fax, go the the nearest telephone
box, on the street, and send the fax, pushing headset against mic and
loudspeaker. It was slow but effective. Cost: very low. To make this
kind of document transmission possible today I have to get a hotspot
and posses an expensive WiFi device.

On 7-Apr-07, at 3:12 PM, D. Spiegel wrote:

> Hear, hear!
> If anything, I think the PowerBook Duo(s) should be on the list!
> I owned three different Duo models (and three different Docks) and
> tried
> ever so hard to get them to do everything I needed. Alas, they were
> simply
> limited by a few strange Apple hardware decisions, such as the SCSI
> adapter.
> Eurgh!
> Ideas like the Duo and the Newton were ahead of the proverbial
> curve, for
> sure. It is a shame there was not enough momentum behind them when
> they were
> new. The Duo was a sub-notebook computer before the idea caught on,
> and the
> Newton was a PDA/UMPC before they became a viable idea.
> A good source for reminiscences on vintage Apple equipment is the
> RetroMacCast podcast ( It is
> their fault
> that got a Newton. They mentioned it several times and I remembered
> that I
> never realized my secret shame. Now it is too late!
> Dan
> On 07.04.07 14:47, jg <> wrote:
>> I was very happy with OS2, before I got my first Duo 210 than 270. I
>> think Duo is/was a problem. 270. Idea was great. I have it, still,
>> and when I am awake in the middle of the night I dream to use it with
>> my Newton, now, in 21 century. Sorry to say, I did not find an easy
>> way. Any ideas how to use Duo with Newton and OSX.
>> John
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