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From: William Pociengel <>
Date: Mon Apr 16 2007 - 15:20:02 EDT wrote:
> oh, boy,i didnt wish for this to happen...
> I was just looking around for a pocket device that could do some multi
> media.
> I have given up on my search for now.
> I have determined that its honestly not a top priority to replace the newt
> any time soon.
> I used it yesterday to write down a contact info. darn thing is for me
> that the jaggies came up right when i was writing the last name and it made
> things difficult. oh well.
> I dont want to start a whole slew of comments on all this, i was just
> getting opinions of anyone's experience with some of the newer pda's out
> there.

I would say that the general consensus is that there is no one item that
satisfies most Newton users. All of the 'replacements' fail to meet the
standard put in place by a 10 year old apple technology. Some items meet
some peoples needs but nothing really competes.

A tablet PC (or Mac) might have some parts but it's not portable like a
newt. Blackberry devices and pocket pc's have some parts but not others.
If you want to move away from a newton then you need to make a list of
what you REALLY need a device to do , prioritize it and then look for
what can go the farthest down YOUR list. Most devices fail pretty
rapidly unless your list is short and very focused.


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