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From: Adriano <>
Date: Mon Apr 16 2007 - 20:39:47 EDT

Hello William,

I completely agree with you that the match between hardware and software
on actual PDAs and UMPCs from a "pure Newtonian" point of view,
it has often taken place while conceiving a lack of any sort.

I think that a concrete relationship can't be estabilished,
or in other words the Newton can't be compared.

Infact from my point of view the Newton platform was intended to
become capable
to fully replace the entire concept of personal computer, but Billion
$ would have never
been enough to be spent, cause too many people weren't ready to care
such idyllic concept.

As of today, while many people are getting a clue of how nice to use
a computer
(say not only a desktop/laptop, but also a SmartPhone, a UMPC, a PDA,
the iPhone)
can be not only at (and for) work, many more are starting to pay
attention to details like
the applications bundled with the custom OS, then to the OS itself,
and then to how (or if)
the hardware could be expanded.

MessagePad users were permeated by such educated guess since '90s.


MessagePad Accessories

16/apr/07 William Pociengel wrote:

> I would say that the general consensus is that there is no one item
> that
> satisfies most Newton users. All of the 'replacements' fail to meet
> the
> standard put in place by a 10 year old apple technology. Some items
> meet
> some peoples needs but nothing really competes.
> A tablet PC (or Mac) might have some parts but it's not portable
> like a
> newt. Blackberry devices and pocket pc's have some parts but not
> others.
> If you want to move away from a newton then you need to make a list of
> what you REALLY need a device to do , prioritize it and then look for
> what can go the farthest down YOUR list. Most devices fail pretty
> rapidly unless your list is short and very focused.
> william
> <>

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