Re: [NTLK] Palm LifeDrive

From: Norman Palardy <>
Date: Mon Apr 16 2007 - 20:50:40 EDT

On 16-Apr-07, at 6:23 PM, Steve Scotten wrote:

> Ed Kummel wrote:
>> I doubt that any Mac tablet that $J would have his hands on would
>> be anything to swoon over. You can bet that it would have nothing
>> in common to our beloved green machine...and it would be awkward
>> to use and have consumer level functions that are absolutly not
>> necessary and basically be everything the Newton is not.
> Well, I confess that an OS X tablet *would* force me to use HWR... I
> don't think that Graffiti was ever ported to OS X. =^)
> Still, take my iBook, shrink it, yank the keyboard out, toss the
> DVD and
> throw on a touchscreen? That's a *very* attractive platform to me.

A third party makes the ModBook which is exactly that

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