Re: [NTLK] Newton reclassification

From: Mark Harter <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 2007 - 13:21:04 EDT

I have been recently thinking about this very thing: What is the Newt? Where is it going?

I?ve owned a MP120 and an upgraded 2000. While the software is awesome and the hand writing recognition is top notch, the Newt is woefully and thoroughly antiquated when it comes to syncing capabilities. Maybe not important to some, but these are the things that are starting to hold me back more and more. I don?t want to waste time on getting things to work; I simply want them to work.

I?ve already wasted huge amounts of time trying to (unsuccessfully) get Ethernet to work. Bluetooth works fairly well, but the lengths to get there are starting to become not worth the time anymore.

So what I did was take a step back and realize the Newts limitations, rather than tying to dream/hope/wish/perceive with its shortcomings. In my case, my Upgraded MP2000 is 10 years old, it?s not going to get any younger, nor is the technology going to morph into something better. I basically removed most everything from it and use it as a message-taking device. Syncing for meetings is painful and required way to much

For me it is becoming more and more clear that the only route to go is the iPhone. I regard it as the successor to the Newt in Apple's mind. Whether or not one agrees isn?t going to change that Apple thinks it is. Nor is wishing for the old days going to change that. Couple this with the fact we will most likely never see a Newt like device from Apple. Would I have liked to see the Newt evolve sure. But unfortunately for us it didn?t happen that way.

So where does that leave us? Some would say the Einstein Project. No offense to anyone? it looks like a great idea. Simply put I don?t think we are every going to see this come to fruition. Who has the time to spend on it? Even the most dedicated amongst us working on awesome software like NCX (thanks Simon!) or Einstein still cant devote as much time as I would hazard a guess is required.

Lastly this isn?t intended as flame bait, simply my observations, YMMV.


On Wednesday, April 25, 2007, at 07:51AM, "Karel Jansens" <> wrote:
>Andrew Forrest wrote:
>> Hi there.
>> I've been giving some thought as to what the Newton really is.
>> Most say it's a PDA but it does more than that, a lot more.
>> So I say that it is a pen/tablet computer. Esp. with the keyboard.
>> What do others think?
>It's amazing, as-yet-to-be-equalled software in antiquated hardware,
>with lousy connection abilities.
>I still love it...
>Karel Jansens
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