Re: [NTLK] Newton reclassification

From: Dan <>
Date: Thu Apr 26 2007 - 13:43:35 EDT

On 4/26/2007 1:21 PM, Mark Harter wrote:
> So where does that leave us? Some would say the Einstein Project. No offense to anyone? it looks like a great idea. Simply put I don?t think we are every going to see this come to fruition. Who has the time to spend on it? Even the most dedicated amongst us working on awesome software like NCX (thanks Simon!) or Einstein still cant devote as much time as I would hazard a guess is required.
> Lastly this isn?t intended as flame bait, simply my observations, YMMV.
> Mark

Well NCX and other software is being developed and quite far along. Two
windows connection utilities are nearing completion. I think that this
year will be the year of the connection utilities. I agree that the one
main weakness of the Newt is Syncing. It ALWAYS has been. I believe
that IF the Newt had good syncing at the start, it may not have been


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