[NTLK] The Newton OS as a desktop OS was Re: Newton reclassification

From: Rod <lavo_at_mac.com>
Date: Fri Apr 27 2007 - 10:56:58 EDT


> And then there's the Newton's wonderful data handling. The
> integration of
> data and functions is unbeaten in my experience. The Assist button
> on the
> Newt is worth a small fortune just by itself.


After reading an article about the problems with the Nokia N800's UI
compared to the Newton, would the newton OS work as a desktop OS?
Where a layer of the OS is a database, so you would never need to
save a document, note, address or anything really to do with the day-
to-day workings of the OS. Or was it always going to be restricted
to smaller devices? It seems to me that most of the functions that a
computer is used for today has not changed since the Newton came about.

Pie in the sky?

  (apologies to the author of the article for not remembering his
name, but he was the guy who wrote the waba port for the Newton,
amongst other things)

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