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From: William Pociengel <>
Date: Fri Apr 27 2007 - 12:45:21 EDT

oh )*)(_) I just spent the better part of an hour searching for my
link/software/research on a user interface that is very like a newton.
the basic premise is that there is no file system. you just start
writing and what you write is automagically saved. experimental and
written by a very famous individual but my flippin brain will not work
this am and let me find this. I'm sure I was able to dl a file of some
sort I don't recall if it was the os/user environment or a
representation of what it would look like. darn I just wish I could
recall. maybe this email will jog someone else's memory and we could
find this thing.


Rod wrote:
> <snip>
>> And then there's the Newton's wonderful data handling. The
>> integration of
>> data and functions is unbeaten in my experience. The Assist button
>> on the
>> Newt is worth a small fortune just by itself.
> <snip>
> After reading an article about the problems with the Nokia N800's UI
> compared to the Newton, would the newton OS work as a desktop OS?
> Where a layer of the OS is a database, so you would never need to
> save a document, note, address or anything really to do with the day-
> to-day workings of the OS. Or was it always going to be restricted
> to smaller devices? It seems to me that most of the functions that a
> computer is used for today has not changed since the Newton came about.
> Pie in the sky?
> (apologies to the author of the article for not remembering his
> name, but he was the guy who wrote the waba port for the Newton,
> amongst other things)

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