Re: [NTLK] Newton's HWR [WAS: "Re: Newton reclassification"]

From: William Barnes <>
Date: Fri Apr 27 2007 - 23:44:57 EDT

On 27-Apr-07, at 17:09 , Lord Groundhog wrote:

> Well, that's the outline of my hypothesis and how I apply it.

All this sounds eminently reasonable, but my own experience, or
perhaps i should say my wife's, is different. When I got my first
Newton, I set it up so that both of us could use it, as she uses
cursive script and I always print in upper and lower case letters.
Well, my wife has always written extremely small and her handwriting
is not only so bad that I can scarcely read any words at all, but
even she can't read it after a lapse of a few days. Nevertheless, the
Newton does an excellent job, with very few mistakes. I can only
conclude that her handwriting is execrable, but it is consistently
so. It reads my printing well also.

Anyway, that's our experience.


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