Re: [NTLK] Took the Plunge!

From: Dan <>
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 10:42:36 EDT

On 4/28/2007 6:21 PM, Seb Payne wrote:

> a.) Email Clients - What is available and what is supported? IMAP?
> POP? Does .Mac work ok?
The best is MailV, which does both.
> b.) Web Browsing - Yes it won't be fun on an eMate but I'll give it a
> go! Is Newt's Cape the best?
Yes, though many also like courier
> c.) RSS Reader - Are there any and if so, which ones are recommended?
Yes, but the only one I know of is
> d.) Bootstrapping - I've got a MacBook Pro 17" and a PowerBook G4 12",
> neither of which are capable of booting into OS 9. I'm intending to
> use Wifi with the eMate so what's the recommended solution to get
> packages installed? Could I utilise the infrared on the MacBook Pro?
> I'd like to do it without spending more money if possible.
If your Mac does not have a serial port, then you need to get a USB to
serial adapter. I use a keyspan adapter which is about $30 and works
well (although I am using Windows, others have had good results from
this one on the Mac side as well). And for connection software I
suggest NCX which will run in OS X. It is still in beta but I have only
heard good things about it:

> e.) Screen - I've heard about the screen problem and the current owner
> says there are no issues. Is there a way of checking if it is OK
> before disassembling? Is there a serial number range? Software check?
Well you should know fairly quickly. If you turn it on and can see
something (newton start up splash screen or icons, or Notepad etc) and
can tap on items on the screen which acknowledge your taps then it
should be fine. You can also get franks Newttest to test various
aspects of the Newt.

Also if the emate has not had the hinge repair done yet, you should do
it as soon as you can. Or get someone to do it for you. There are
several members of this list that will do it for you very reasonably.


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