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From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 10:43:32 EDT

~~~ On 2007/04/28 20:44, Matt Howe at wrote ~~~

> I have had similar experiences to both of you. I am 54 years old and grew up
> in the era of repetitive penmanship. Of having to trace letters on the three
> line paper they used to teach the Palmer system. But all of that went by the
> wayside as I also grew up in the era where left handed people were not
> acknowledged beyond a vague attempt to get them to switch to right
> handedness. ...
> ... I still have
> to turn the paper the way a right hander would and cramp my wrist around...


You have my sympathy! -- a number of my left-handed friends as well as my
older brother were treated equally badly back then. People back then sure
had a thing about children using the left hand!

My brother managed somehow to create a cursive hand that looks like a
right-hander's (his signature is almost identical to my right-handed
father's), even though he uses that curled, crabbed-hand position you
mentioned in your post. For a long time now I've thought of trying to
figure out a way to modify the Palmer system to make it lefty-friendly, but
I never have gotten round to it.

Ah-h-h! That three-line paper! I have such great memories of it. I was
probably the only kid in my class who actually liked penmanship class -- but
then I used to "drink" ketchup too, so maybe no surprises there?

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