Re: [NTLK] Took the Plunge!

From: R A Parker <>
Date: Sun Apr 29 2007 - 14:12:00 EDT

On Saturday, April 28, 2007 at 3:21 pm Seb Payne wrote:

> a.) Email Clients - What is available
> and what is supported? IMAP?
> POP? Does .Mac work ok?

IMAP will be best. Get Mail V and a membership. It's $10 for a
lifetime membership with IMAP capabilities.

The eMate has some limitations that will prevent you using it as a full
fledge long term laptop (heavy email and web browsing).
1) Only 2MB internal storage - 4MB if you install the memory upgrade ...
which you should do right away.

2) The eMate only has one PCMCIA card slot. It's very hard to find extra
storage cards that are more than READ-ONLY.

If you use an ethernet or a wireless card in the (one and only) expansion
slot, you will be depending on the internal memory for storage of drivers,
primary apps, and data.

It's tight but can be done. Right now, I have my eMate set up for Word
Processing and eMail (no web browsing). I have 1.3 MB of internal storage
left. Spell check dictionaries and other apps are available only when I'm
not using the wireless card.

> b.) Web Browsing - Yes it won't be fun
> on an eMate but I'll give it a
> go! Is Newt's Cape the best?

I like Newt's Cape. However, unless you are using an external modem, there
may not be enough storage internally to handle it. It is possible to limit
text and image caches in Newt's Cape, but I know it will be very tight.

> c.) RSS Reader - Are there any and if
> so, which ones are recommended?

Never have been able to get RSS working usefully, if at all. I think its
because RSS standards have advanced beyond what the current version of
Raissa can handle.

> d.) Bootstrapping

Worst case - someone (me) can mail you a loaner card with everything you

> e.) Screen - I've heard about the
> screen problem and the current owner
> says there are no issues. Is there
> a way of checking if it is OK
> before disassembling? Is there a
> serial number range? Software check?

All eMate screen hinges will fail and require repair. You can tell by
stiffness and smoothness of the lid. My eMate felt fine at first but got
really stiff over a week or two of moderate use. I felt/heard the pop of
one spring and the lid became extra extra loose. I stopped using it and
repaired it immediately. Found my spring pressing against the display's
ribbon cable. So, if the friction on the lid is too stiff or too loose,
repair is imminent.


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