Re: [NTLK] Took the Plunge!

From: Seb Payne <>
Date: Mon Apr 30 2007 - 16:59:56 EDT

Thanks for the response. Few more questions:

> 1) Only 2MB internal storage - 4MB if you install the memory upgrade ...
> which you should do right away.

Where can I get this upgrade? I can't find it listed anywhere or any for sale.

> All eMate screen hinges will fail and require repair. You can tell by
> stiffness and smoothness of the lid. My eMate felt fine at first but got
> really stiff over a week or two of moderate use. I felt/heard the pop of
> one spring and the lid became extra extra loose. I stopped using it and
> repaired it immediately. Found my spring pressing against the display's
> ribbon cable. So, if the friction on the lid is too stiff or too loose,
> repair is imminent.

I've seen you can buy a cable from for $35. If someone
was to repair it, how much would they be asking to do the whole job? I
don't think I'm up to the job of adjusting the spring itself :(


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