[NTLK] Newton Flash Card Battery

From: Greg Hankins <ghankins_at_mac.com>
Date: Sun Dec 02 2007 - 07:56:56 EST

Howdy folks!
I have a 2MB Newton Flash Storage Card (maybe part number 649-0005-A)
that I purchased with my MP100 years ago. I have just erased the card
and begun using it in my new MP2000. The MP tells me the card needs a
battery. Searching in the archives and elsewhere, I'm thinking this
is an SRAM Card with an internal battery which is now failing. Correct?

Is there a way to replace this battery? (Like prying off the metal
case and discovering the battery is a hearing aid version I can pick
up at my local Radio Shack that just pops into place.) Or does this
involve scary skills like soldering, so I would be better off just
getting a new card from eBay or from someone one this list?

Thanks for your help. As a resurrected Newton user, I have found the
information provided in the list archives and on the web by members
of this list invaluable. Yesterday I successfully used Newton
Connection and nSync to move my Mac OSX calendar and addressbook
(with a borrowed Keyspan serial adaptor) to the Newt. Outstanding!

Now I'm thinking of getting a wireless ethernet card.


Greg Hankins
Happy Hank's Honey House
Mt. Gilead, NC

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