Re: [NTLK] RES: Case for a Newton and a hardcopy calendar

From: Dan <>
Date: Sun Dec 02 2007 - 10:07:54 EST

On 12/1/2007 8:28 PM, Adrian Marsh wrote:
> There was a case from Franklin Covey that had a prptected 'socket' in the front of one of their (somewhat expensive) organiser systems. I saw it once in a bookshop in Cairo, so it may not be a current model (as we in the 'Orient' tend to receive products much later, often when they're no longer sold in Europe or the US). How adjustable this space was I can't exactly recall (i.e. only Palm-sized?), but it was well-designed and looked adaptable.
> I am one of those who've used a variety of Newtons since I bought a 2000 upgraded model in 1995, and constantly at that. A brief period when living in Sweden for a year saw me revert to a Filofax and iBook, but for eleven of those twelve years I've used a Newton. At one time it was the only computer I had for e-mail (I had a Colour Classic running 7.5 and no external modem). I have written everything from notes, lectures and lesson-plans to parts of my PhD thesis and outlines for novels. Spreadsheets for research projects and outlines for presentations (even slide-shows), accounting and project management, book-reading, sketching (great for quick birthday cards for friends, as iCards are generally so ghastly and impersonal), and family-trees (though the software is sadly limited by not being able to register it). As an internet device, my Newtons have always been wonderful - email, browsing and blogging and as long as I don't expect to do too much more than read the news,

Very interesting read Adrian, and you bring up some good points. I
personally type better than I write, but of course not on the newton. ;)
 And you have one little glitch there as the original 2000 was not
available till 1997 ;)


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