[NTLK] More WiFi Blues

From: Adrian Marsh <mynewtonlives_at_mac.com>
Date: Sun Dec 02 2007 - 12:22:00 EST

After enjoying using a Microsoft MN-520 Wireless Notebook Adapter with More WiFi and Lantern Patch to access e-mail, browse the web, connect to NCU via AppleTalk and NCX via TCP/IP, there seems to be a problem. The card is no longer recognised, or can access any network with an error code (0). Other wireless cards are also affected, the Lucent WaveLan Orinoco Gold, and the Farallon Skyline do not work properly either, until I remove the More WiFi and Lantern Patch packages (not just freeze them). Reloading the packages doesn't help either.
I have had these packages on two 2100 MP's and one eMate for about 2 weeks all working fine until now. Is there some kind of issue about time limits to use them, that I am unaware of? I have the WaveLAN drivers unlocked (the SDK version) and once removed, there is no longer a problem with the other wireless cards.
Does anyone else use this Microsoft card for wireless networking? Has anyone else experienced problems with More WiFi and Lanterna Patch? I don't have a means of testing the card in a Windows laptop (I use Macintosh), but could it be the card causing problems?
Any advice would be much appreciated.

Adrian Marsh, MA
Newton eMate & Mail V
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